Lillian Charlize is born!

Welcome Lillian!

My newest niece was born on 10/2/14! My youngest sister, Charlie, delivered her at 6.7lbs! I forgot how long Lilly is but she’s kinda small like my other niece, Nora, was when she was born.

Lilly is Charlie’s first baby. Charlie was in labor for about 12 hours or so. She tore a little when pushing Lilly out and yes, she got the epidural. Other than that, she is doing fine!

My niece definitely has a LOUD cry! She’s so sweet and we are all wondering how she is going to look as she gets a little bigger since she is half filipino/white!

Her cousins, Nora and Loewie, were excited to see her but Pj just stared! LOL! He’s now 9 months old! Gah!

People who double park

Fucking stupid bitch parked too close to my car (on the right) that I couldn’t get in!! This was at Chik-fila at Wolfchase yesterday. I had to go back inside and ask everyone eating if they drove an F150 w/license plate M12-52A. As I was walking out, a girl approached me. I pissed off told her, “You parked too close to my car that I can’t get in!!”. I went back out side and waited for her. She took her damn time getting her keys and then moved her fucking truck. When she reparked in the spot again, she STILL parked it the same way again!!! So, she parked in the empty spot on her left and STILL parked wrong! She then parked again and straighten it out. She gets out truck and DOES NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE!!! WHAT A BITCH! #ASSHOLE #BITCH #BAD #DRIVER #PARKING

What happened?

I seem to have dropped off the face of the earth with regards to this blog.  Ever since I got a smartphone and became more active on other social media, I’ve not felt the need to write on my blog.  How sad considering I had been blogging since 2001!  But these days, it’s just so much easier to tweet or use Instagram.  I actually prefer Instagram as it combines my two loves: photos and writing.  It’s quick and easy.  If I could easily post from Instagram the way I do to Twitter and Flickr all in one click, I would to my blog.

Just because I don’t post here as much doesn’t mean I’m going to get rid of this site.  I will always keep my blog and domain, no matter what.  But if you want to follow me, I suggest you add me at the following where I post more often:

Twitter:  nikita2471

Instagram: nikita2471

Flickr: nikita2471

As I said, I’m more active on Instagram.  As for Facebook, that is locked up mostly for real life friend and family.

Loewie is a natural on stage!

I shot this video at my brother’s wedding reception on April 19. The dinner was a ride on the Jungle Queen river boat which took us to a private island where you got all you can eat BBQ pork ribs, chicken and shrimp. Afterwards, there was a vaudeville type show.

After my nieces ate dinner, my brother in law took them outside to play on the stage as there was no one sitting in the audience and they were just setting up for the show. The girls danced as there was music playing. Later, as the seats filled up to the maximum 200 capacity, the girl got on stage again right before the show started. Nora brought Loewie on stage to dance and the rest, you can see, ended up hilarious!

As my dad got Loewie, all 200 people were applauding and laughing for her!

I hate Florida


Florida (Photo credit: scottkellum)

I am currently in Florida as my brother is getting married this Friday in Ft. Lauderdale.   He and his bride wanted a beach wedding so we have no choice but to come to Florida.  This marks the first time in more than 20 years that I’ve had to come to this state.  Why do I hate Florida?  The fucking humidity!  As you already now, I hate hot weather so having to be in a humid climate pisses me off.  Now, being in the Philippines is different as that is truly tropical weather and hell, I’m on an island!  But Florida?  The drinking water is bad, it’s so humid even if it’s just in the 70s.

My family rented a vacation house just 5 minutes from the beach.  I won’t reveal the location until after we are gone.  Anyhow, the house comes with a pool.  We left Memphis on Saturday morning and got to the vacation house on Sunday afternoon.  We all drove (my brother is flying in today).  Since we’ve been here, I have not gone to the beach despite it being so close.  It’s just too damn humid!  The pool, I’ll dip in but other than that, I’m staying in the house unless we are going somewhere.  I don’t mind it though.

I still have to buy shoes for my stupid dress I bought last week.  *sigh*  I really don’t like weddings.  I don’t like being roped into taking pics nor do I like having to dress up for the occasion.  I’ll do it for family and very close friends but it’s such a hassle.

It’s sad, I don’t take as many pics as I used to when on vacation.  I either don’t feel inspired to capture the moments anymore or I don’t bother to bring my camera with me most of the time.  I normally would have taken hundreds of pics by now but I’ve taken less than 20 shots!  I think I’ll just work on them Thursday before the wedding.

BTW, the reception afterwards is a dinner cruise.  I hope it doesn’t rain that day!  Would definitely suck!