CamSur aventure: Caramoan Part 6

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We landed at some small sleepy fishing barrio in the barangay of Oroc Osoc, I think. I just love that name! It’s so native! Many of the names in Caramoan are really old and haven’t been changed to spanish ones after the Spainards converted the area to Catholicism centuries ago.

Wild orchids in Caramoan

I noticed these orchids growing as we walked to the village.

We stood around while Ate Felly went to find out where she could get us a jeepney or tricycle to take back to her hotel. I sat on these little wooden benches built in front of a sari-sari store to get out of the sun. Lord knows I caught up on all my suntanning for the rest of the year in the 2 days I went swimming in the Philippines. I am now 4 shades darker AND I have finally rid myself of the “farmer’s tan” I’ve had for more than a decade! My chest/neck are the same color as my face! My feet/ankles are the same color as the rest of my legs! Wheeee! *sprays more SPF 50*

Ok, back to the pictures!

These 2 boys were walking past me when they saw that I was taking pictures with my camera. They stopped right in front of me and asked in Bicol, “Take our picture, please?” I didn’t need anyone to translate that for me as it was obvious what they wanted to I snapped a quick portrait of them. They were happy with that and just walked on! LOL! Later, my mom asked me why I didn’t ask them what their names were. I told her, I didn’t think about it at the time and I was too busy taking pictures of other things. On top of that, I was dying of thirst and just had to buy a cold soda! Something COLD cuz it was soooo hot in that morning sun!

Life in a fishing barrio Need a roof?

Someone had left chopped wood in front of their house. Many of the homes in this village still burned wood to cook their meals in the back of their houses. Also, the nipa shingles or whatever you want to call them were on display for anyone that was needing to mend their thatch roof.

Sari-sari store, remote style

My cousins went across the street to buy some cigs. I love the whole primitive and native looking that sari-sari store was.

Nature's dryer

Caramoan has only had electricity in the last,…10 years? Hell, maybe even way less! There is a road to Caramoan as I’ve said before but it’s a very rocky one. No paved roads to this place! So, that would mean, if you wash your clothing, it’s the old way with just your hands and a washing board. To dry, you just hang them out in the sun,…like these in front of some house.


My favorite picture of that day! Sweet little frilly dresses that were hung out to dry in the sun!

Getting back to the hotel was kind of a nightmare for some of us. We had to split into 2 groups since there were 14 of us. The first group (with me in it) took the first tricycle that Ate Felly could find. I didn’t take a picture of it because I was too tired by then. What we didn’t realize was just how far away we were from the hotel. The road was very rocky and at some points, very steep! On top of that, a motorist behind us told our driver his back tire was flat!

Sure enough, when we all got off the tricycle, it was flat. He had only some of us (older people) up the hill while the rest of us had to walk up the hill. OMG, it was bad enough having to move around in the lush humidity but to walk uphill? ARGH! I thought I was going to pass out at one point! After a couple times of this (getting off the tricycle and walking), we finally made it past the hills and we could sit down and catch our breathe while the tricycle slowly got us back to the hotel.

Little did we know a feast was waiting for us! After a short rest in our rooms, we came downstairs to a heavy meal:

Fried pork

Roasted pork! YUMMY! Since it was the first day of the fiesta of Caramoan, they just had to cook some kind of pork! This was a HUGE slab of pork too! Danny and me were salivating after it! We cut into it and steam came out! The meat was sooo tender and juicy!

Fried fish Fresh fish with mayonaise

Both are fish. One is slathered with mayo and the other was fried. I don’t know what kind of fish had the mayo on it tho I know it was fresh fish. The fried fish, I was told, was red snapper.

Squid dish

Some kind of squid dish which I didn’t try. Danny tried it and said the squid was too chewy. The squids were pretty large ones so that might be why.

After this heavy meal, we sat around and rested up for our journey back home to Naga City.