Hauling on end of the year clearance sales

Last week, armed with gift cards I received during Christmas, I set out to a couple of stores in search of nail polish. End of the year clearance sales are the best time to score on a ton of beauty products, if you’re lucky enough to get to the store when they still have them in stock.

Here is the nail polish haul I managed to buy all in one day:

Nail polish I got on clearance!

I’ll break down each one now and list the price I got it for! At a local beauty supply storeI check regularly, I spotted a stash of China Glaze polishes on sale. Originally priced at $4.99, they were marked down to $2.98 each. The only one that caught my eye was this polish:

China Glaze "Fairy Dust"

China Glaze "Fairy Dust"

The bottom sticker was missing so I had no idea what the name of the polish was until I got home to look it up. Turns out, it’s “Fairy Dust”. I’m giving this to my mom as she has this thing for glitter polish. When it comes to nail polishes, my mom has the taste of an 11yr old tweener! LOL!

NYX Girls nail polish in NGP 130

NYX Girls nail polish in NGP 130

All the NYX Girls polishes were just $1 so I looked over them carefully. This black polish caught my eye as it had subtle golden flecks in it. I thought this would be nice instead of wearing the WnW black creme or CND black jelly polishes I have.

Total purchase from local beauty store = $4.35

Next was Ulta! I was determined to find some amazing deals there as I had the coupon of $3.50 off of a $10 purchase! When I entered the store, the clearances were set up at the entrance. I immediately spotted this gem!

Barielle "Elle's Spell" Barielle "Elle's Spell" Barielle "Elle's Spell"

Yup, the infamous Elle’s Spell by Barielle! Funny thing was a when it came out, it was sold out at my Ulta. I was curious to see it in person but never got a chance to. Now it’s on clearance? They must have gotten a late shipment which no one either wanted or saw then and that’s how it ended up on clearance. While I already have the Sally Hansen Hidden Treasures flakie polish (I have 2!), this will be nice to use when I don’t feel like layering!

Barielle "Jess' Champagne Toast" Barielle "Jess' Champagne Toast" Barielle "Jess' Champagne Toast"

I spotted this in the same bin with Elle’s Spell. It was the last one left. Under the store lights, it looked amazing! I had never used any Barielle polishes before so I thought this would be a good time to try them. As I type, I’m wearing Jess’ Champagne Toast on my nails. The pink glitter in the polish is a little rough but it’s all smooth out once I applied Seche Vite.

Orly "Enchanted Forest"

Orly "Enchanted Forest"

When I picked up this bottle of Enchanted Forest by Orly, I did a double take on the price! 99 cents???? I immediately asked a sales person to double check this for me at the register. Sure enough, it was really 99 cents and even she was envious! Green is my favorite color so I had to have this!

Orly "Meet me under the Mistletoe"

Orly "Meet me under the Mistletoe"

Even better than a creme green is a glass flecked green polish! This is “Meet me by the mistletoe” by Orly! I’m gonna try this after my current manicure starts to chip.

I did see some of the OPI glitter polishes and was tempted to get them as they were just $4.99 but I wanted to stay under my $10 budget. I went to the counter to pay.

Total = $9.96
Minus = -$3.50 coupon
New total = $7.06 after taxes

I used my gift card to pay for these. I was surprised they went ahead and let me used the coupon even though I didn’t reach $10 or more.

I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply as my Sally’s Beauty Club membership was going to expire at the end of the year. Right next to the entrance, they had all the clearance items set up on a table. There were a bunch of polishes and to my surprise, the China Glaze polishes from this past Halloween collection.

China Glze "Zombie Zest" China Glze "Zombie Zest" China Glze "Zombie Zest"

China Glaze’s “Zombie Zest” was the only one out of the collection that caught my interest so I grabbed it.

Orly 3-pack treatments from Sally's

This trio pack by Orly also looked good! I thought this was great for travel when I wanted to redo my nails. The bottles are small enough to pass TSA regulations in my carry on luggage.

When I went to the counter to be rung up, it turned out that the clearance sale was,…take an ADDITIONAL 50% OFF the lowest red tag price! Holy crap! That meant my polish was just $1 and the trio set was $2!

Total paid: $3.28

Not bad for a 7 polishes! It’s not that often I can splurge on beauty-related stuff these days so being able to buy these polishes was a treat! Definitely going to have fun using them in the weeks to come!