Nail polish talk

Last week, I had a fun chat with Cassiel online regarding nail polish. Oh, it all started when I remarked how people on my friend’s list on Livejournal (which I only use now to read those that still use it) were jumping ship to Dreamwidth because of the recent DDOS attacks LJ was fending off.

I told Cassiel how I rarely read doll blogs (well, specifically bjd) anymore and I’m more interested in other things about people. Reading only about bjds gets boring after you’ve been in the hobby for more than a couple of years. You invest time into online friends and you want to know more about them. Certainly, we all have more in common than just the dolls?

So, I started branching out and started reading beauty blogs online. I even started watching beauty tutorials on Youtube and let me tell you, there is a very diverse and huuuuuge community devoted to all aspects of beauty! For me, I started to enjoy reading about beauty product reviews/swatches/hauls and such. Why buy an untested product when I can read someone else’s review on it and find out if it’s worth the money?

For 3 years, I’ve been reading beauty blogs and it wasn’t until early last year I really started to focus on nail blogs specifically. Getting a mani/pedi can be expensive if you do it on a regular basis so why not learn how to do your own? After a while, I finally learned how to apply polish on my right hand (I’m right handed) without making a huge mess! I really started to appreciate drugstore brands since I’m on a very limited income. Why the hell would I want to shell out $20+ on a fucking nail polish that will chip just as much as my $2 one? Nail polish is the same, no matter the brand so I’ll save my money and stick with drugstore. I can always find the cheap dupe to the ridiculously expensive Chanel/Dior/MAC versions anyhow. I am in no rush to have the latest color fad.

So, this brings me back to my chat with Cassiel! We both agree that is fun to learn more about each other outside of the bjds. I mentioned that I’d been reading nail polish blogs and she told me about her recent manicure! I told her, YOU NEED TO POST PICS NOWW!!! She did on her LJ so I’m doing the same:

OPI Black Shatter over Sinful Colors Neon shades

I hadn’t worn OPI Black Shatter for a couple of weeks. I recently saw someone do a multi-color version with Black Shatter and wanted to try it out myself. This is my sad attempt at it! Yeah, pretty bad! I first tried painting the Sinful Colors in neon shades horizontally on one thumb, then vertically on the other. Then applied Black Shatter over it all. I didn’t like how it turned out so yes, I wiped it all off! I had it on my other fingers but didn’t take a pic. I repainted my nails last night but now, the sun has gone down so I’ll take a pic of my new manicure tomorrow!

Meanwhile, this is for Cassiel:

Shimmer polish at Ross

Shimmer polish at Ross

Saw this at Ross on Thursday! Not bad for the price, huh? I didn’t buy it for myself…took the pic at the store! They also have sets like this around this price range or more (under $10). What you think of this set?