Flooding in Memphis

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I feel I need to post this as we’ve been getting calls from relatives asking if we are evacuating from our house due to the flooding from the Mississippi River and the tributaries.

Let me set the record straight that my house is NOT going to get flooded! While there might be flooding less than a mile away from my house, we are on high enough ground to escape any flooding.

A lot of the flooding is happening in parts of Millington and downtown. Basically, anyone that lives in low level ground that is next to a tributary or the actual river, they are definitely already flooded.

All the talk about the flooding is definitely something new for us in Memphis because the Mississippi does NOT flood this excessively in the spring.  All this water is not due to the the rain we’ve been getting but actually from all the friggin’ snow that has been melting in the North and flowing down the river.

Honestly, I do not feel sorry for the people on Mud Island/Harbor Town/President’s Island that are getting flooded.  First of all, I think it was a complete waste of money to want to buy a house on those areas.  Why?  Why the fuck do you want a view of a muddy river that smells daily?  Then there is the risk of flooding?  Fuck.  The view just ain’t worth it to me.

You buy a house with a view of the ocean, not a fucking muddy river that smells from the waste coming from up north.

ANYWAYS, the way the nightly national news and CNN makes it look,…it seems as if all of Memphis is just waist high in water.  NOT SO.

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