A day Loewyn WILL FORGET

Over the past weekend, I took a day trip to Nashville with my mom and sisters.  We took Loewyn with us as her dad took big sister Nora with him on a day filled with errands to run and playtime at her other grandma’s house.

Nashville is 4 hours away from Memphis by car so we left at 7:30am.  Our destination was the Opry Mills Mall!  It’s a huge outlet mall near the Opry Hotel.  We hadn’t been to the mall in a few years so we were excited to spend a day shopping, despite toting around a 1yr. old in a stroller.

Towards the end of the shopping expedition, Steph asked me if we should get Loewie’s ears pierced.  We all had talked about it in the past couple of months but she just hadn’t gotten around to doing it.  Loewie’s doctor’s office doesn’t do ear piercing so it had to be at Claire’s.  Since we were all at the mall together, Steph thought it would be a good idea to finally get it done.

There was a baby that got her ears pierced before Loewie and she was even younger so no “SHE’S TOO YOUNG” comments.  Best to get them pierced while they are young as they won’t remember the experience.  I remember the first time my ears got pierced as I was about 3 and my mom & aunt used friggin’ needles!  I distinctly remember screaming bloody murder after the first one and hiding under the dining room table, kicking at them as they tried to get me to pierce the 2nd ear!  So yeah, Loewie ain’t going to remember this experience but I definitely filmed it so she could see it in the future!  LOL!

I only filmed the 1st ear getting pierced because I helped hold her head still for the piercing of the other ear.  Besides, she’s not going to cry as loudly and hard as the 1st one getting done!

She was mad at her mommy for 15 minutes!  We had to take her give her over to our mom who instantly comforted her the rest of the time.  Mom didn’t stick around to see the piercing though you see her hovering in the background.  She didn’t want to watch as she’d get upset.  LOL!

Now, our precious Loewie is sporting 14k gold from her ears!  Nora thinks she looks good with them on!