Post later this week

Swap from Kumiko of

Earlier this year, I entered into a swap with the lovely Kumiko of for beauty items from the Philippines. This is a picture of the package I received last month. The reason I’m only posting about it now will be explained in my upcoming post!

I’ve taken pics of almost all the products so I just need to finish off the rest and get them photoshopped and uploaded! Tune in for the reviews!

6 thoughts on “Post later this week

        1. Well, I used Photoshop! The thingie above my website name is from a photoshop stamp I found online somewhere. I just typed my name at the bottom of it and made a stamp out of the thing.

          I hadn’t thought about making a logo as I change my blog theme once in a while. I suppose I could make one. My website is called Jellykiss but my blog’s name is “is it Friday yet?”

          1. oh i have the same dilemna. my blog’s url is lovingsunshine but my blog’s name is chase beautiful things (cause its what i do) i cant even justify it as a tagline haha :D ive been debating if i should move to wordpress but im so lame w html

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