Swap from the Philippines: Part 1

Back in February, I had stumbled upon a filipino beauty blog by Kumiko. I do a lot of blog hopping around when I’m bored and I always find such good blog reads this way. The post that drew me to her blog was a review on the Kleancolor Chunky Holo polish she had purchased at some event earlier this year. She had only purchased one and lamented over the fact that she should have gotten more as Kleancolor polishes are rather hard to get in the Philippines. You usually have to order through some local online store, instead of buying in person.

Kumiko had a Wishlist page on her blog and after seeing several polishes listed that she also wanted (which were easily accessible to me), I decieded to email her and see if she would like to do a swap. I’d been wanting to try several filipino beauty brands as they are very hard to get here in the US. Not all local filipino stores (if you are lucky to have one in your area) carry some or if any filipino beauty products. Usually, it’s just whitening soap but never skincare/makeup stuff!

I got a reply back from Kumiko and she was definitely interested in doing a swap with me! We ended up chatting through email for several days, getting to know each other and our likes when it came to nail polish! I actually had Kumiko create a list for me of the polishes she most wanted from Kleancolor. That way, I knew what I could get locally and from online. When I spotted something that either she had wrote she liked or thought she might like to try, I put in her ever growing pile of polishes in her box.

After I finally mailed off my box to her, I eagerly awaited her box. It arrived in July during the 4th of July weekend! I actually held back on showing it online as I wanted to do that after she received my box. Unfortunately, her post office misplaced the box for almost 2 months and after she really harassed them to keep checking for it, they finally found the box in the back!

Kumiko posted about the contents of the box I sent her in this post!

Now, onto the box she sent me!!

After I told Kumiko that her box had arrived, she requested I take pics with one of my nieces helping me.

My helper fo the unboxing

I selected 1yr. old niece, Loewyn, as she’s at an age where opening any box is a big event!

Loewyn helping unbox a swap

Loewie couldn’t wait for me to open the box! She’s already trying to dig into it, like a cat!

Loewyn helping unbox a swap

Guess I’m not moving fast enough for her!

Loewyn helping unbox a swap

Ooooo, something for the kids it says!!

Loewyn helping unbox a swap

So, how do I use these?? Bang them together?

Loewyn helping unbox a swap

This is so cool! A wallet!! I’m rich!

I had to stop after this picture as Loewie started to get fussy! It was dinner time and you don’t hold a baby back from her dinner!

Eating corn on cob by herself for the first time

Especially when part of that dinner consists of sweet corn that was grilled by her grandfather!! First time Loewie got to eat corn on cob on her own! She’s quite good at it, eating all the corn!

So, part 2 is coming up with pics of the items unwrapped! Must say a BIG THANK YOU to Kumiko for all the stuff!!!

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    1. Her name is pronounced “Lo-wen”. We call her “Lo-wee” for short! She’s named after her paternal grandmother. Her dad is Cambodian. Her older sister, Nora, is named after my mom! The funny thing is, Loewie looks more filipino and like our side of the family while Nora looks more cambodian!

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