Photo a day – “What you read”

Photo a day - 10/5/12

Today’s photo a day shows 2 books I read in the same day. Yes, I read them from start to finish in the same day! I love to devour books!!! *shows monster book teeth*

The first was “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty” by Anne Rice. Now, if you have read the “Fifty Shades” triology and loved the very lite BSDM/bondage sex, this book will scare and probably,…disgust you all at once. I’ve already started on book 2 of this book and I will say that,…I don’t think I can stomach it much longer. The constant spankings and,…ugh, I can’t even describe it as it’s so x-rated that I don’t want to disgust anyone reading this. If you are curious, check out the book. That is all I will have to say. Interesting take on the Sleeping Beauty tale but seriously, it was ok for about the first 20 pages.

The other book I read is “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. I got this from Marshalls for super cheap because I’ve seen so many people reading and recommending this book. Like “The Hunger Games“, it’s set in the future. It was good but not excellent like the Hunger Games. I will probably read the sequel “Insurgent” sometime soon, if the library has it.

One thought on “Photo a day – “What you read”

  1. I have the Anne Rice trilogy and like you i stopped at book 2!!! i cant “swallow” it hahaha But writing style, Anne Rice has it all covered.

    As for Divergent. I also enjoyed that one and I think it gets better in insurgent? I also jump into comparing it to the hunger games BUT not at par. I like the divergent series than the other dysopian trilogy out and upcoming, the matched series. If you like dystopianYA stories, thats another trilogy you might want to pick up :D

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