Cooper-Young Festival 2012

I don’t think I blogged about the Cooper-Young Festival here in Memphis after it happened last month. I only have a couple of pics I took while at the fest as I was totally unimpressed with the event.

In all the years I have lived in Memphis, I have never been to the festival. The Cooper-Young neighborhood likes to think of itself as the eclectic part of town,…hipster chic to be exact. While the homes in the neighborhood are cute and quaint, I don’t really see what the big deal is about living in that area. For one, I would never want to pay city taxes! If I’m going to live in the suburbs (which I do), I sure as hell will live in the county (which I do and don’t pay any city taxes to any suburban city).

The festival is always held in September. I usually forgot it was going on or would remember but didn’t care enough to go. This year, with Steph and her family living in Memphis now, I asked her if they wanted to check out the fest. We agreed to get up early and go.

Unfortunate for us, the day turned out to be incredibly muggy despite the low 70s. It had rained the previous day and with the insane crowds that walked down the street, it was just horrible. I saw too much pot smoking and drinking and not enough family entertainment for my 2 nieces. Most of the booths were craft booths but seriously, you can get that crap on Etsy and they also all looked the same! The same jewelry crap booth after booth! It was like every Etsy vender from Memphis decided she could make $$$ by getting a booth at this festival! Because of this, there wasn’t much of a variety of stuff.

The food vendors were fucking scattered so far from each other that you almost had to walk the entire festival before you found the food vendors. We were hoping to see food trucks but there wasn’t a single one. I ended up getting a burger with fries and was robbed of $11 for that!!! It wasn’t even tasty!

I had to get a drink at Java Cabana which was a mess of a coffee house but made a decent frappe! Actually, a better frappe than Starbucks. I don’t even order frappes and Java Cabana’s was blended so nicely!

We decided to leave and took a side street instead of throwing ourselves back into the insane crowd on the main street. I took some pics of Nora & Loewyn:

Loewyn & Nora taking a breather @ Cooper-Young Festival in Memphis

The girls were sticky hot and tired from the smoke and noise. This was in the front of the coffee house.

Lookbook outfit: Cooper-Young Festival

Lookbook OOTD!! Haha! Nora and Loewyn pose!

Run Loewyn Run!

Loewyn did not want to get back in the stroller. She ran down the street which did exhaust her so we knew someone would take their afternoon nap in the car.

Escape from stroller

The stroller is going to get you, Loewyn!

Overall, Cooper-Young was a bust. I would rather attend the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco than this! Haha, I have attended Folsom street fest a couple of times before! If you don’t know that that is, click on the link!  Of course, I wouldn’t bring my nieces to that fair!