Target Fall Beauty Bag 2012: it’s here!

Target Fall Beauty Bag 2012
Lookit what showed up in the mail! I was kinda surprised at how fast this one came! The last one seemed to have taken the full 8 weeks! This came a mere 2 weeks?

From what I heard, this is the last time Target will be giving away the seasonal beauty bags. That sucks as it’s a great way to get a free cosmetic bag and samples/coupons for beauty stuff.

Love the bag!

The bag itself is nice! I like it better than the previous one! It’s much more durable. This bag is made by SoHo.

Contents of Target Fall Beauty Bag 2012

Here are the contents!


Just hair care samples and a lone makeup sample?? I was really expecting waaaaaaay better stuff than this!!!!! I mean, it’s the last one they are doing, for crying out loud! Why did they resort to just boring stuff???

*sigh* That’s what you get when you you choose a free item, I suppose.

One thought on “Target Fall Beauty Bag 2012: it’s here!

  1. Nice! Kitty Cat will love that bag. You’re right, too bad they didn’t put more stuff considering this was the final giveaway bag. Still waiting for mine.

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