My funny nephew, Pj!

My nephew, Pj, just cracks me up sometimes! Here he is all excited for his baby puffs! They are his “crack”! Look at how excited he gets when I show them to him!

And when he eats them, he doesn’t have a care in the world for anything else!

Lillian Charlize is born!

Welcome Lillian!

My newest niece was born on 10/2/14! My youngest sister, Charlie, delivered her at 6.7lbs! I forgot how long Lilly is but she’s kinda small like my other niece, Nora, was when she was born.

Lilly is Charlie’s first baby. Charlie was in labor for about 12 hours or so. She tore a little when pushing Lilly out and yes, she got the epidural. Other than that, she is doing fine!

My niece definitely has a LOUD cry! She’s so sweet and we are all wondering how she is going to look as she gets a little bigger since she is half filipino/white!

Her cousins, Nora and Loewie, were excited to see her but Pj just stared! LOL! He’s now 9 months old! Gah!

Updated pics

Just posting some pics of my nieces I took a couple of months ago!

OOTD for Nora

When we went to Nashville last November, I took some shots of Nora while we were waiting for my mom and sister to finish shopping at World Market. Nora always has the most awesome OOTDs for a 4yr old!

OOTD for Nora

The hat is mine that I got from Ebay during the summer.

Nora & Loewyn's autumn 2012 pics

I thought I had posted these pics already but I guess I haven’t! I took these pics of the little sisters for the Christmas card my sister sent out for 2012. My dad was in the background and asking them, “Who’s the winner?” It’s a family joke! When you are asked this, you raise both hands up in the air! Loewie looks so squishy chubby in this pic! I just want to squeeze her!

Nora & Loewyn's autumn 2012 pics

So hard to get them to stay still and look straight at the camera! One of them is always looking at their mommy who is trying to prompt them to smile.

Nora & Loewyn's autumn 2012 pics

Then they are complaining because the other is sitting too close or whatnot! I took a lot of pics but the sun was starting to go down and the girls were getting impatient.

Loewie's new kicks on Valentine's Day! Size 4 in toddler size.

Oh, here is a pic I took last week of Loewie’s new kicks! Retro!!! Steph got them on clearance from Target! Size 4 for toddlers! Loewie runs pretty fast in them,…which is a bad thing when she is acting like a bad thing!

That’s all for now!