Updated pics

Just posting some pics of my nieces I took a couple of months ago!

OOTD for Nora

When we went to Nashville last November, I took some shots of Nora while we were waiting for my mom and sister to finish shopping at World Market. Nora always has the most awesome OOTDs for a 4yr old!

OOTD for Nora

The hat is mine that I got from Ebay during the summer.

Nora & Loewyn's autumn 2012 pics

I thought I had posted these pics already but I guess I haven’t! I took these pics of the little sisters for the Christmas card my sister sent out for 2012. My dad was in the background and asking them, “Who’s the winner?” It’s a family joke! When you are asked this, you raise both hands up in the air! Loewie looks so squishy chubby in this pic! I just want to squeeze her!

Nora & Loewyn's autumn 2012 pics

So hard to get them to stay still and look straight at the camera! One of them is always looking at their mommy who is trying to prompt them to smile.

Nora & Loewyn's autumn 2012 pics

Then they are complaining because the other is sitting too close or whatnot! I took a lot of pics but the sun was starting to go down and the girls were getting impatient.

Loewie's new kicks on Valentine's Day! Size 4 in toddler size.

Oh, here is a pic I took last week of Loewie’s new kicks! Retro!!! Steph got them on clearance from Target! Size 4 for toddlers! Loewie runs pretty fast in them,…which is a bad thing when she is acting like a bad thing!

That’s all for now!

Christmas haul!

So yeah, I didn’t get a lot for Christmas but that’s ok! Spending time with the family is what is important! Now, onto what my family gave me!

Roku HD

My sisters had asked me early in the season what I had planned on buying during Black Friday. The Roku HD was on my list, as well as a 32″ tv for my bedroom. Well, I got neither as I ended up buying DVDs and saving the money for when I went to Nashville to shop at Opry Mills Mall. This made it easier for my sisters to just get this for me. Now, I need to get the tv. LOL! Meanwhile, I’ll hook this up to our plasma tv in the living room as it’s easier access than the plasma in the tv room.

The Walking Dead comics: Vol. 1 & 2

My brother knows I like “The Walking Dead” tv series so he thought this would be the perfect gift. He was dropping hints on Christmas Eve when he brought his presents over by saying that my gift from him, he wanted to keep for himself. LOL! Well, no wonder why! He’s just as much a big fan of the tv series as I am.

The Walking Dead comics: Vol. 1 & 2

I was shocked at how heavy the gift was. When I opened it, I realized why! It’s the entire comic collection of The Walking Dead! Holy shit! Look at how thick just one volume is! I’m going to savor these 2 volumes slowly!

What my mom gave me

This is NOT a snuggie! I repeat, NOT A SNUGGIE! Haha! My mom gave this to me! Why? I have no idea! I’m the least cold person in the family. I LOVE cold weather so I’m not one to complain about it being cold. I guess she thought I could use this for when I take a nap when I get home after lunch every day.


Extra gift my sister Steph gave me. It’s a snood. Verrrry warm as I put it to good use the day after Christmas. It started snowing Christmas night and by next morning, we had blizzard conditions, I kid you not! There was an actual blizzard warning! We NEVER get those kind of warnings! I had to brush and scrap the snow/ice on my car and this really helped keep me warm and protect my head too!.

So, that’s all I got! Not much like I told you! But, I’m very happy with what I got!

Christmas & my nieces

Posting some pics of my nieces on Christmas Eve & Day!

OOTD: Christmas Eve

Nora and Loewyn pose for an OOTD (Outfit of the Day)! Everything is either Old Navy, Target, Marshalls/TJ Maxx & hand me downs!

Loewie & karaoke Loewie & karaoke Loewie & karaoke

Lately, I’ve noticed that Loewie likes to sing to herself a lot! Do we have a Taylor Swift in the making here? It’s not any particular song that she sings as I don’t recognize the tune but she definitely loves singing a lot while she’s been playing!

Christmas tree 2012

Quick shot of the Christmas tree with the presents before the room looked like a disaster of gift wrap!

Loewie on Christmas Day

Look who came home with my parents from church! Nora went home with her parents but would come over soon. Loewie was eating a candy cane the priest gave her from the church Xmas tree. Sam almost got a lick from it!

The girls opening gifts The girls opening gifts The girls opening gifts The girls opening gifts

Let the unwrapping begin! Ignore Loewie’s ugly shoes here! They are not what she originally wore with her dress! It was a joke we were trying to do on my youngest sister, Charlie. They were her shoes she wore at the age that Loewie is now (18 months).

The girls had lots of fun unwrapping gifts. In fact, we let them unwrap our own gifts since they were so eager. Next post shows the gifts I got!

Lunch is so boring,…!

I couldn’t stop laughing when I filmed this! Been trying to catch a video of Loewie falling asleep while eating! You’d think she’d always be wide awake when it comes to meal time but she was soooooo tired from modeling for mommy and me earlier this morning!

Steph said she’d always heard about Loewie falling asleep while eating at daycare but never got a chance to see it in action! After I shot this, I immediately took her outta the high chair and put her down on the sofa. She slept for 2.5 hours! For Loewie, that’s a looooooooooooong nap! She’s the type that sleeps for half and hour and she’s good to go! This was her morning and afternoon nap combined!

Halloween 2012

Got back from my sister’s house earlier. Went with the girls while they were trick or treating around their neighborhood. Here’s some pics!

Halloween 2012

All dressed up and ready to go!

Halloween 2012

Nora as a Lalaloopsy character! I’m too lazy to go and look at which one she was supposed to be. Got the dress from Target more than a month ago when it was on sale. I actually got the official Lalaloopsy wig for her but she hated to wear it so that got returned. In the end, Steph just sprayed her hair with some pink hair dye. The leggings are her own and were perfect for her outfit.

Halloween 2012

Loewie’s costume was made by my sister. Steph hand cut and sewed strips of felt to some old shirt and pants. The hat is actually and Old Navy fleece cap that she also sewed felt strips on. Turned out awesome and Loewie looks like a pinata!!! If you hit this pinata with a stick, you’ll get nothing but poop coming out!

Halloween 2012

Pic of costume from behind. Her daddy said she looked like a chinese dragon’s turd! LMAO!

Halloween 2012

So out they went and grandma was tagged to be Loewie’s “driver”. LOL!

Halloween 2012

First house was next door neighbor. Both girls were scared to say “trick or treat”. Loewie just stood there and stared. Didn’t understand why she was given candy or why she wasn’t asked inside! In fact, she wouldn’t budge after she was given candy,…just kept standing there staring at the family until she was carried away! Hahahah!

Halloween 2012

They went to about 10 or so houses. This was the last house as the family got home later and they were only 1 house down from my sister’s house. We saw the porch light on and headed over. Nora is still wanting candy while Loewie is all “Are we done yet???”

Halloween 2012

Wow, some evil witch gave them candy!

Halloween 2012

Loewie is done for the night! Now we need to get home and check out our free loot!

Halloween 2012

The trading begins!

Halloween 2012

In the end, all Loewie ate was an M&M cookie from her stash. The rest will get divided up to be sent to the troops overseas (seriously!) and for her daddy to snack on at work! Can’t start rotting out a 16 month old’s teeth yet!

Happy Halloween!!