Nora’s Christmas vacation

I finally edited the pictures I took during Nora’s stay here from Dec. 22 to Jan. 2!! Here we go!

On Nora’s actual birthday, we let her open her birthday gifts. Here’s a couple of pics of one of her gifts!

Wow! Lookit what Nora got for her birthday

Nora needed help tearing the wrapping off! She still didn’t know what was in the box.

Nora got a baby doll playset!

Charlie cutting the box open. Pov was working that day so Charlie and me put together the pieces for the baby doll crib, stroller and carrier. Nora LOVED the baby stroller! She immediately put all her dolls in it!

Nora turned 2!

We had the actual birthday celebration on Christmas day. Easier that was as there would be plenty of food and the rest of the family would be coming over (Alex and Charlie). Nora was in awe of her cake that Steph baked for her!

Mommy & Daddy help blow out the candles Mommy & Daddy help blow out the candles

Nora knows how to blow out candles but she still needed some help from her Mommy & Daddy for this! Yeah, there were more than 2 candles on the cake but her mommy wanted the cake to look really cool for her to blow out the candles! LOL!

Kiss me! Kiss me!

She was excited to eat her cake!

Nora's best face!

So excited that she showed me her “ugly face”! LOL! I think Nora picked this up from one of her daycare friends!

Nora with her Tita Charlie

Posing with her Auntie Charlie and showing off their beautiful WHITE TEETH! Oh, wait…is that something in their teeth there? Hehe! BTW, the pink dress Nora is wearing is a dress that I wore when I was 2! Even Steph, Nora’s mommy wore it when she was 2! We thought it would be fitting for Nora to wear on her birthday! Such an old dress!!!!

Christmas present from Mommy!

New bedtime books!

Later, Nora opened her Xmas and other birthday gifts! One of the best gifts she got was from her mommy. Steph ordered a bunch of bedtime books from Nora needed new bedtime books as she just loves hearing new stories!

Nora loves bbq ribs!

A couple of days later, Pov & Steph took us out to eat at Central BBQ. We went to the Summer location as it has more seating than the original location (that’s what I was told). The food was good and Nora chowed down! Her daddy gave her some of the dry ribs from the rack he had ordered.

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