My funny nephew, Pj!

My nephew, Pj, just cracks me up sometimes! Here he is all excited for his baby puffs! They are his “crack”! Look at how excited he gets when I show them to him!

And when he eats them, he doesn’t have a care in the world for anything else!

What a face!

What a face, Nora!

You might think it’s mean but it’s just a shot to me! I think Nora’s expressions when she cries are hilarious! I’m not making her cry just to take the shots, I just have the camera ready for when she gets upset over something.

Don’t worry, she doesn’t cry for too long! I just whip out a Hello Kitty sticker and it’s all smiles again!

Loewyn’s portraits

I finally finished PSing the pics of Loewyn so here they are! Enjoy!

Loewyn raising her head Little newborn feet! Loewyn @ 2 weeks old Loewyn @ 2 weeks old Loewyn @ 2 weeks old Sweet baby Loewyn! Loewyn @ 8 days old! Loewyn @ 8 days old! Loewyn @ 8 days old! Sleeping Loewyn Look at those forehead wrinkles! Newborn Filling in those cheeks! Sleeping in fetal position! Can't really see whose taking her picture Feed me, Mommy!

And my favorite one out of the bunch:

My favorite newborn Loewyn pic!

And where is Loewyn’s sister? Here she is!

Sisters on 4th of July

Nora would hardly sit still for this portrait! She kept looking behind me at our neighbor mowing his grass. Plus, it was super muggy when I took this shot! 6pm and it was like 105F in heat index outside! We hurried to take the pics outside and get back in the house!

More of the sisters:


In case you’re wondering how Loewyn got her name, she is named after her paternal grandmother.  Nora, her sister, was named after her maternal grandmother (my mom).  Their paternal grandmother is Cambodian.  So, to pronounce Loewyn’s name, it is “Low-win”!

Now for the few pics I took of just Nora during her 9 day stay:

Nora at 2.6 years

Double the trouble!

I thought this was funny when she made this face in the mirror! Sadly, it didn’t focus very sharply!

Nora making a funny face!

Whew! That’s all of the pics!

Welcome baby Loewyn!

Welcome to the world, baby Loewyn!

My sister FINALLY went into labor today! Baby Loewyn was originally due June 9 but decided to stay inside until today! If she hadn’t popped out, she would have been induced on June 23, just one day before my own birthday!

She weighs 7.1lbs and is 19.1inches long!  Labor was around 6 hours and took 5 pushes! Heh, Nora was in daycare when this happened so I’m sure she’ll be seeing her baby sister when she gets outta daycare around now.