Hello Loewyn!

Shot this over Labor Day Weekend when Loewyn and Nora came over to visit us for 6 days!! It’s amazing how smiley Lowie is @ 5:30am every morning when her “tank is full”! She’s a very laid back baby that constantly smiles at you when you look at her! Who can resist a smiling baby, especially a 2 month old? Can you?

If you hear chattering in the background, that’s her older sister Nora just yakking away! Gods, she just won’t shut up! It was a constant stream of toddler talk during the entire stay!

Being mommy for 10 days

Tomorrow, my sister Steph will be coming to Memphis to drop off Nora.  Steph and Pov are going on vacation for 10 days to the West Coast.  They are attending a wedding at the end of the month for a friend of theirs and decided to make a vacation out of it.

To make it easier, they are leaving Nora with me during their vacation.   When they had announced their plans a few months ago, our parents were mightly disappointed they wouldn’t be around while Nora would be staying at our house.  10 whole days with a toddler!  Fun yet terrifying!

I hope they haven’t started Nora on potty training!  I have never had to deal with a potty training toddler before.  When I was much younger, I used to help my mom take care of my youngest sister, Charlie.  I was 11 when she was born.  Changing diapers and bottle feedings were not a problem for me.  But potty training?  I was in jr. high when my dad did that.  My dad had retired from the Navy after 20 years at that time so he was stay-at-home-Dad by that time.  I didn’t have to deal with the messy situation of potty training.

I’ll probably be posting pictures/videos of Nora during her stay here!  It’s certainly going to be fun!