Target Fall Beauty Bag 2012: it’s here!

Target Fall Beauty Bag 2012
Lookit what showed up in the mail! I was kinda surprised at how fast this one came! The last one seemed to have taken the full 8 weeks! This came a mere 2 weeks?

From what I heard, this is the last time Target will be giving away the seasonal beauty bags. That sucks as it’s a great way to get a free cosmetic bag and samples/coupons for beauty stuff.

Love the bag!

The bag itself is nice! I like it better than the previous one! It’s much more durable. This bag is made by SoHo.

Contents of Target Fall Beauty Bag 2012

Here are the contents!


Just hair care samples and a lone makeup sample?? I was really expecting waaaaaaay better stuff than this!!!!! I mean, it’s the last one they are doing, for crying out loud! Why did they resort to just boring stuff???

*sigh* That’s what you get when you you choose a free item, I suppose.

Swap from the Philippines: Part 1

Back in February, I had stumbled upon a filipino beauty blog by Kumiko. I do a lot of blog hopping around when I’m bored and I always find such good blog reads this way. The post that drew me to her blog was a review on the Kleancolor Chunky Holo polish she had purchased at some event earlier this year. She had only purchased one and lamented over the fact that she should have gotten more as Kleancolor polishes are rather hard to get in the Philippines. You usually have to order through some local online store, instead of buying in person.

Kumiko had a Wishlist page on her blog and after seeing several polishes listed that she also wanted (which were easily accessible to me), I decieded to email her and see if she would like to do a swap. I’d been wanting to try several filipino beauty brands as they are very hard to get here in the US. Not all local filipino stores (if you are lucky to have one in your area) carry some or if any filipino beauty products. Usually, it’s just whitening soap but never skincare/makeup stuff!

I got a reply back from Kumiko and she was definitely interested in doing a swap with me! We ended up chatting through email for several days, getting to know each other and our likes when it came to nail polish! I actually had Kumiko create a list for me of the polishes she most wanted from Kleancolor. That way, I knew what I could get locally and from online. When I spotted something that either she had wrote she liked or thought she might like to try, I put in her ever growing pile of polishes in her box.

After I finally mailed off my box to her, I eagerly awaited her box. It arrived in July during the 4th of July weekend! I actually held back on showing it online as I wanted to do that after she received my box. Unfortunately, her post office misplaced the box for almost 2 months and after she really harassed them to keep checking for it, they finally found the box in the back!

Kumiko posted about the contents of the box I sent her in this post!

Now, onto the box she sent me!!

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This post is for Kumiko Mae!

I’ve been chatting on email with the lovely Kumiko Mae these past few days about nail polish and other stuff. We’ve had fun commenting on the various colors and finishes we enjoy painting our nails.

Today, she asked me how I store my collection that I share with my mom (occasionally!). Here are some pics! Excuse the big mess! I’ve been too busy to clean up!

Excuse the messiness!

I got the 3 drawer piece from Michaels. You can find it in the scrapbooking section where it is made to store scrapbooking papers. I saw this mentioned on MUA’s nail polish board as an alternative to IKEA’s famous Helmers. In fact, these are affectionally called “Melmers”! I think it was priced at $16 after a sale. You have to put it together and it’s pretty heavy.

Top drawer are creme finishes

This is the top drawer. I store my creme finishes here. Ugh, too many! I’ve actually stopped buying polishes because I found myself getting too many of the same color!!

2nd drawer are all glitter/shimmer

Second drawer is for glitter, holos and other type of finishes. I became a glitter freak last year. How, I have no idea because I abhorred glitter in 2009 and prior to that!

Bottom drawer for base/top coats & nail wheels

Bottom drawer houses the base/top coats, nail wheels and polishes still in the box.

I think you can store up to 200 polishes in each drawer? I’m not sure,…I actually don’t want to think about it as that is TOO MANY polishes for me to have!

Hope you like this post, Kumiko!

Nail polish preferences

What type of finishes do you prefer when it comes to nail polish?

  • I prefer creme finish above all!
  • I like jelly finishes but they can be a bitch in application as some need as many as 4 coats!
  • I think I have more glass flecked polishes than I do shimmer.  I’m very picky when it comes to shimmers!
  • My all time favorite flakie polish is Sally Hansens “Hidden Treasures” which I have 2 bottles of!
  • If I could get my hands on the China Glaze OMG collection, I’d be in holographic heaven!  Love holos!

Are you a fan of glitter?

  • I used to hate glitter polish until my own mother started wearing a dupe to OPI’s “Teenage Dream” last year! When I saw how beautiful it was on her hands, I had to try it.   Now, I love glitter!
  • I’m a little picky about glitter in that I don’t like big chunky glitter.  For me, the smaller and finer, the better.  I also like glitter to be just one overall color though I can make exceptions when it comes to OPI’s Burlesque collection.

What is your preference?  Long or short nails?

  • I keep my nails super short!  That started when I started taking massage therapy classes years ago.  We were required to cut our nails as short as possible.  After that, it just stuck with me.  Another reason I still keep them short is that I hated it when my long nails would get stuck in between the keys on my keyboard.  I don’t like typing with nails, I prefer typing with my fingertips!

What nail shape do you prefer?

  • For me, round is my favorite.  I abhor square tips.  Worse, I abhor square tipped french manicures.  Sorry, but those be pornstar nails to me and look fake and tacky!

List the brands you use and how you feel about them?

China Glaze

For consistantly putting out the best colors at a very reasonable price!!!  Can’t beat Sally’s Beauty club member price of $4.99!


I don’t buy a lot of OPI as it does tend to be pricey at over $8.  I usually only get it if it’s a color that I just can’t ignore or haven’t seen anywhere else.


I have yet to use an Orly polish that doesn’t chip on me after 3 days!  I love “Space Cadet” and some of the other ones I have but dammit, stop chipping!

Sally Hansen

I want to love this brand,…more but only if it would bring back the Nail prisms or magical lines!  Otherwise, it’s decent but the color selection sometimes tends to be a bit boring for me.

Pure Ice

I love this brand!  I hate that I can only find it at Walmart AND at only one Walmart in my area now!  On top of that, it doesn’t get restocked often.  But for $2/bottle, the color selection is wonderful!  Both my mom and me love this brand.

I never have any problems with the application of this brand!

The Icing

The perpetual Buy One Get 2nd 50% off sale of cosmetics at this store is hard to pass up!  They have awesome glitters which I love in colors I don’t always see till a few months later in the drugstores (like the Sinful Colors line).

Sinful Colors

I have a love/hate relationship with this brand.  Sometimes, the polish will turn out beautifully and other times, it’s utter crap on nails.  For $1.99, you definitely get what you paid for.

Nina Pro

I only have 2 polishes from this brand and one of them was a green jelly that stained my nails.  Not good but hoping the other polish will be better.  Wow, I did not know this brand was made by Color Club!

Wet ‘n Wild

The Wild Shine Black polish is the most amazing one coat black polish I’ve tried!  Loooove it! 99 cents!

Some of the other polishes stained my nails so it’s kind of a give or take with this brand.


Another Love/Hate relationship with this brand!!  I bought Perplex for $1 at Big Lots and was so eager to use it!  When I did, damn thing kept chipping after 2 days!  I also had the same problem with other Revlon polishes!

Only other polishes I don’t have a problem with are the Sweetly Seductive fizz ones.  I use those for layering since they are glass flecked.


So far, no problems with this cheap brand!!  99 cents to $1.99 for polishes and most in a creme finish!  I’m wearing Essence Fairytale in “Once upon a time” on my nails as I type this!

Color Club

Cremes from this brand are awesome!  I have the Alter Ego collection I bought a long time ago from Ross for $7.99.  I just love it!

Cosmetic Arts

It’s owned by Color Club and a whole lot cheaper individually if you’re lucky to catch them at Ross!  $1.99/bottle and usually in creme finishes.  I have 4 of them.  I heard they are dupes to the American Apparel polishes.  We have an AA store in Memphis but it’s downtown and I don’t want to drive there and spend over $7 on a polish.

Overall, the polishes are ok but don’t last very long.  Chipped after 3 days.

Forever 21 “Love & Beauty” line

Amazing quality for such a cheap brand at $2.80 each!  I know that it’s really LA Girls that makes the polishes but I can’t purchase LA Girls anywhere else.  Love the cremes from this brand too!


I have a few from this line.  So far, they are ok but I’d like to try more!

NYX Girls

NYX doesn’t make this brand anymore so you can find it in independent beauty supply stores or on Cherry Culture and other websites.

I find it for $1 at the local beauty stores.  So far, I’ve bought just a couple of cremes and they are pretty nice!


OMG, the WORST drugstore polish in my opinion!  Every damn Maybelline polish I have ever used has a fucked up brush!  Worse, the polish chips after a day! NEVER AGAIN, MAYBELLINE!

There are a couple other brands I have used but I only have 1 polish from them so no point in posting about them.  Overall, I always try to keep under $5 when it comes to polishes because of my limited budget (jobless right now!).  I tend to share polishes with my mom as she’s gotten into them so it works out.

I really don’t feel the need nor see the need to buy high end polishes (even if I did have the money) because all polishes will chip or wear down eventually!  For me, it’s totally ridiculous to spend $20+ on a polish!  All polishes have the same ingredients, basically!

So, that’s my blurb on nail polishes!

NOTD: Love & Beauty Magenta glitter

NOTD: Forever 21 Love & Beauty Magenta under China Glaze Cracked Concrete Crackle nail polish

The glitter is from Forever 21‘s Love & Beauty line!  I looooove how it looks but it’s a bitch to apply!  I did 3 coats and I still had problems getting the glitter to stick to my tips.

I layered China Glaze’s Cracked Concrete over it cuz I thought it would look amazing!  It does in real life!

Edit: Want to give a biiiiiiiig shoutout to mah girl, Cat in SF for buying me a renewal gift on my Flickr Pro account!  Was set to expire on the 10th!  Sweeeet, another year of Flickr Pro!