Random pics from my phone

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but I hadn’t found the right Flickr app to use. So, I ended up going about this the long way by emailing the pics from my phone to Flickr to upload.

The cutest Dollar Tree find!

Saw these figures at Dollar tree,…of all places! They came in several colors too! This was one of the first pics I took with my phone so I was still getting used to focusing and such with it.

Must have!

I saw this coffee tumbler at Target during the Back to School theme and thought, “I soooo need this!!!” Hahah, my blog’s title!

I want this!

Funny, I want the coffee tumbler only because it has my blog’s title on it but I doubt I’d actually use it for drinking. It’s actually small. These tumblers, on the other hand, are huge! 24oz @ $14.99 over at Bed Bath & Beyond! I’m waiting for another $5 off or 20% off coupon to show up in the mail so I can get this and something else! Totally love the sakura design!

Tramp stamps for kids?

I saw this at Toys R Us today! WTH!! They put it right next to Disney princess tattoos? “Tramp stamps” for kids? I THINK NOT! It’s soooo, “Toddlers & Tiaras” or something!

Counting in Tagalog & Cambodian

Nora knows how to count to 5 in Tagalog and Cambodian! For those that don’t know, her mom is my sister and we are filipino. Nora’s dad is Cambodian!

In the background, our mom is talking. Yes, her name is Nora too as little Nora is named after her! Also, my sister is 8 months pregnant here! Another baby girl due in June!