E-aji Potato Chips – Philippines

E-aji Potato Chips

I’d been seeing the commercials for the E-aji potato chips and the claim they make on how they use “US potatoes”. I guess when it comes to potato chips, the US potatoes are the gold standard? LOL!

This small bag was 8 pesos. The size equiv is basically that of the vending machine bags you get for 60cents back home. As usual, it’s near impossible to open a fucking bag of ANYTHING I buy here in the Philippines. They seals these bags so tightly that trying to pull them apart takes way more effort than opening a bag of Doritos back home! I had to buy a small pair of scissors to open bags of anything here.

The chips did taste similar to Lay’s Chips. They were light and crispy, not oily. They tasted more potato than Lay’s does! Overall, not bad! I’ll buy a bigger bag next time.

Geewan Restaurant, Naga City

My mom treated me to lunch when we went downtown last Monday. The power was out at our house and we didn’t know that it was a scheduled maintenance for the entire region that lasted all day. It was hot and sticky that day so I welcomed the cool A/C inside the restaurant.

Gaewan Restaurant in Naga City Gaewan Restaurant in Naga City

They serve the food cafeteria style so you just pick and choose what you want. They have more items you can choose from the menu which they will cook and later serve you at your table. Some are typical filipino dishes and others are local bicol ones.

Eggplant omelette

I couldn’t resist! This is a summer favorite for me back home! My parents grow lots of eggplant in our backyard garden. Sometimes, we have so many eggplants that my mom will cook them as an omelette. This also has a little ground beef mixed into it.


This is bistek or beef steak. I think I’ve posted about this before. The sauce was really savory!

Pinakbit Fish dish in sauce

Both these dishes were ordered by my mom. Pinakbit and a fish dish I don’t know the name of.

The restaurant is pretty good and I would definitely go back!