E-aji Potato Chips – Philippines

E-aji Potato Chips

I’d been seeing the commercials for the E-aji potato chips and the claim they make on how they use “US potatoes”. I guess when it comes to potato chips, the US potatoes are the gold standard? LOL!

This small bag was 8 pesos. The size equiv is basically that of the vending machine bags you get for 60cents back home. As usual, it’s near impossible to open a fucking bag of ANYTHING I buy here in the Philippines. They seals these bags so tightly that trying to pull them apart takes way more effort than opening a bag of Doritos back home! I had to buy a small pair of scissors to open bags of anything here.

The chips did taste similar to Lay’s Chips. They were light and crispy, not oily. They tasted more potato than Lay’s does! Overall, not bad! I’ll buy a bigger bag next time.

Geewan Restaurant, Naga City

My mom treated me to lunch when we went downtown last Monday. The power was out at our house and we didn’t know that it was a scheduled maintenance for the entire region that lasted all day. It was hot and sticky that day so I welcomed the cool A/C inside the restaurant.

Gaewan Restaurant in Naga City Gaewan Restaurant in Naga City

They serve the food cafeteria style so you just pick and choose what you want. They have more items you can choose from the menu which they will cook and later serve you at your table. Some are typical filipino dishes and others are local bicol ones.

Eggplant omelette

I couldn’t resist! This is a summer favorite for me back home! My parents grow lots of eggplant in our backyard garden. Sometimes, we have so many eggplants that my mom will cook them as an omelette. This also has a little ground beef mixed into it.


This is bistek or beef steak. I think I’ve posted about this before. The sauce was really savory!

Pinakbit Fish dish in sauce

Both these dishes were ordered by my mom. Pinakbit and a fish dish I don’t know the name of.

The restaurant is pretty good and I would definitely go back!

Going back to the hometown

Yesterday, we drove to Goa. This is my mom’s family hometown. She still has siblings that live in Goa. From what my cousin Jeff had told me, Goa is the largest city in Partido. Partido is just one section of Camarines Sur (which is divided into 4 sections). I used to go to the hometown with my cousins back in 1989-1990 on the weekends and we would just hang out. Unfortunately for me (LOL!), all the cousins I hung out with were my male cousins (either my age or older) and what do males do on weekends? DRINK! I’ll never NEVER forget the time they got me drunk for the first time in my life. That was during the town fiesta that falls on my birthday. That’s another story so I’ll more on.

Mt. Isarog

We left in the morning. This is Mt. Isarog. Goa is on the other side of this extinct volcano. Kinda sucks one has to drive around the mountain to get to Goa. It takes about an hour or so, depending on how many slow ass tricycles and buses are on the road slowing down traffic.

Rice fields all the time Rice rice baby! Oh the rice! It's rice time! Bet there are a ton of leeches in that field! Rice fields near Ocampo

You sick of seeing rice fields yet? I’m not! As we were driving to Goa, I shot these from the jeep. The colors are REALLY this vivid! We left around 9am and it was raining in Naga but once we hit Pili, it stopped raining. The sun was out but blocked by the low lying clouds. So, the overcast produced these amazing shades of green!

We get to Goa after an hour and before we can even get to my Auntie Feching’s house, we stopped in front of Auntie Paring’s house. Jeff called out to some of our cousins in front of the internet cafe next door. As soon as the guys saw me, they were hauling me out of the jeep! LOL! I hadn’t seen them since 1990! Norman, Nonoy & DonDon (yeah, filipinos and their perchant for nicknames!) were happy to see me and ushered me into the internet cafe. Nonoy’s & DonDon’s mother, Auntie Paring, runs the internet cafe. It’s a side business, I guess. They were adding more rooms in the building to house more computers. Goa has many little internet cafes now so even if you don’t own a computer, you can surf for under 30 pesos or so. Actually, I’m not sure how much my cousins charge but I’m sure it’s under 40 pesos, at least. That’s basically under US$1/hr!

The guys have Auntie Paring’s house set up with wifi so when I’m in Goa, I can surf on my laptop there without having to go to the cafe. At the house, I saw my cousin Hatchit who is a doctor. I only got to meet her once 18 years ago when she graduated med school in Manila. Now, she has 3 kids and has her own medical clinic. I talked with her for a while, then with DonDon. All of these cousins are older than me.

After a while, Norman took me to his mom’s house further up the street. I had lunch there. Here are some pics (especially for Clarissa!): (click on the pics to find out what they are)

Beef steak Gabi? Fish steak Fish & veggies in soy sauce

Pinoy Food/Drink reviews

It’s past midnight right now and I’m really sleepy. We are going to the hot springs in the morning. Sunday, we drove to the family hometown of Goa. I took a ton of pictures which I’ve photoshopped but won’t upload until the afternoon. For now, here are some pics and my reviews:


Bananas that were dipped in a batter and fried. Very tasty and we drank ice cold Coke with it. Our merienda meal!

Calamansi soda!

I just had to try this one! It tasted like calamansi and was really refreshing!

Funky french fries

Potato chips shaped like french fries called “Funky”? LOL! These weren’t that bad. The fries were hollow though.