Surviving on guaifenesin & Vicks vapor rub

I still feel awful from this damn cold!  I’ve been taking prescription strength guaifenesin and slathering Vicks vapor rub on my neck and chest just so I can BREATHE!  Ugh.  Fortunately, this cold ain’t as bad as the cold I had during the month of January!  Lords, that cold was so bad, I couldn’t breathe out of both nostrils and each time I inhaled through my mouth, the pressure in my nose got tighter!

Trying to sleep has been hard.  Rather, trying to stay asleep is the problem!  The guaifenesin is supposed to make me sleepy and it does but I keep waking up every 2-3 hours because I need to pee!  The label on the bottle says to drink loads of liquids.  During the day, I am consuming soooo much water (flavored water as I use the sugarless drink mixes) that even then, I still gotta pee almost every other hour!  Hey, at least I’m keeping hydrated!  Right?

Let’s not get into the fact that each of my meals has mostly been in the form of a soup.  LOL!  More liquids!

So, I’m online right now and trying to figure out what other links I wanted to add to my sidebar.  I’m being picky as some of the blogs I read have been doing a lot of sponsored posts.  I hate that shit!  The beauty blogs are the worst ones when it comes to sponsored posts.  On top of that, some of the long time pinay beauty blogger reads that I have been subscribing to,…all they ever do is post one sponsored post after another.   If it’s not that, they are at some stupid ass beauty/fashion event they got invited to so they can take tons of red carpet pics of themselves and then show the swag they got so they can review them later.  BORING.  I think I’ll be unsubscribing those blogs soon.

I’ve also been adding a ton more pinay blogs to my Google Reader.  I’m always curious to read about how pinays in the Philippines live their lives compared to my life as a fil-am here in the US.  The majority of pinay bloggers I do find are within the Manila and surrounding suburbs so I’m always excited to find those that don’t live anywhere near Manila.  For instance, I just found a blogger in Legaspi, Albay!  Woo, Bicol blogger!  Those are always hard to find!

I think I’ve subscribed to another 20+ blogs.  I’m not done yet!  Still need just a few more!


Firefox 4, a bust!

Mozilla Firefox Icon
Image via Wikipedia

Because I am still using a 6 year old laptop as my main means of getting online, I try to keep my web browsers updated as much as possible.  I’ve been a big Firefox fan for years now but the most recent version has me saying “HELL TO THE NOOOOOOO!”

When a new version has been released, I will wait until the first update has been made because I know there are probably some major bugs going on.  You know, the same rule applies with new OS.  With FF 4, I had installed it on our new netbook and found that it caused no problem so I thought, my dinky XP laptop could handle it.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t!  Firefox 4 has a bad memory leak!  It kept slowing down my laptop to the point where I couldn’t do anything!  If I had more than 2 tabs open, it would lag sooo much!  It was worse when I tried to use Google Reader to read all my daily RSS feeds.  Lord, I just about wanted to throw the laptop out of the window due to the slowness!

I finally started doing some searches and found a lot of people were also having the same problems I was having.   After reading up, I decided to downgrade back to 3.6.16.  Now that I’m back on it, what problems I had on the last version seem minute!  LOL!

I guess I’ll be stuck at this version for a while until Mozilla fixes that damn memory leak!

BTW, if you are using FF 4, check out this list of add-ons that could slow down your browser!

My new idol in the doll world

While I was skimming over my Google Reader feeds, I noticed someone mention a new site they had seen. It involved Barbie dolls in graphic detail. Haha!


This is the amazing doll photography of Mariel Clayton!  The pic above belongs to her and here is the link to her website!  I love that she uses Re-ment miniatures in her diorama scenes.  I also love her use of light in some of the pics.  I’ve been pouring over her Flickr pics and added her as a contact so I’ll see her updates.

Heheh, doll photography like this is inspiring!  Not the bloody and murderous content of it but the realism and hilariousness of it!  Makes me want to go and take pics of my own dolls!