I know better

My glasses

This is a picture of my glasses. I got this pair when I finally got new vision insurance last December.  I decided to go with Lenscrafters as my shitty vision insurance didn’t have many places to choose from that had a great selection.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  The shitty vision insurance had a lot of places for me to choose from, just those places had a shitty selection.  Lenscrafters was the only place with a decent selection.

The problem with that selection is that the majority of the frames are expensive.  I was fortunate to find this particular frame for the price and only have to shell out under $200 of what my insurance couldn’t cover.

I intended for these frames to be my “nice” pair.  I eventually would get some cheaper 2 for $99 frames Visionworks that I would use while at home.  So far, getting the other 2 pairs hasn’t happened yet so I have been using my nice frames for at home.

Recently, I slept in my contacts for 2 straight days.  I normally take them out every night to let my eyes breathe.  I know there are contacts out there that you can actually sleep in but the ones I use are not those and even if they were, I still believe in taking them out daily to give your eyes a rest.  I got very lazy over the weekend and didn’t take mine out.

I know better than this.  Stupid me!

Now, my left contact had scratched my eyeball.  *sigh*  This has happened only once before and I was still seeing my Ophthalmologist for my eye condition (pseudo orbital tumor) so he treated it then.   I don’t see that specialist anymore so I have been wearing my glasses non-stop for a week now.  I can still see the imprint on my eyeball of where the contact had scratched.  At least, it’s in the upper left part of my eye,…in the whites.  It’s been healing up but not as fast as I would like.

I guess, I wouldn’t mind wearing my glasses all the time if it was so friggin’ humid outside!  My face suddenly becomes a sloppy, oily mess and the damn glasses fog up as soon as I exit the house/store/where there is air conditioning!  On top of that, it’s super bright outside so I can’t wear sunglasses!

I’m going to stick with the glasses for another week or until I see the redness in my eye completely go away.  I’ve had my fill of ophthalmologists  for a life time!